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Helping Children Identify Their Capabilities Through DMIT

Helping Children Identify Their Capabilities Through DMIT

In today’s competitive age there is a lot of pressure on children to excel not only in studies but in sports and other fields too. But what many fail to understand is that not every child is emotionally and mentally equipped to cope with the pressures. In this fast paced highly competitive scenario, understanding a child’s talent and potential is every parent’s first and foremost concern.

Dermatoglyphicsis the scientific study of skin patterns found on the finger tips. The brain has five lobes and each lobe is connected with each finger tips. The finger prints are like photographs of each lobes of the brain. DMIT uses a person’s fingerprints to map the brain and analyze their personality traits and shares a report analysis. Dermatoglyphics determines an individual’s innate characteristics, which include personalities and performances. It also reveals an individual’s innate learning styles, strengths and weaknesses.

A person’s finger prints are scanned and sent for analysis and the report analysis is shared within a week/ two weeks. The report assessment session that follows the testing, elaborates on what the test results are and how it can be useful. It helps a child and parent to re-arrange, inculcate, and plan for a successful life ahead.

This test helps parents understand a child’s inborn studying pattern. It helps to break the mental barrier and thereby increasing child’s confidence and scores. It also helps in understanding child’s interest and which can help clarify what career path the child can take. With this test, a child’s behavioral pattern at home and outside, whether the child is an introvert or extrovert, if he or she suffers from anger management issues, and whether the child can handle adverse situations can also be gauged.