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Identifying inborn strengths of an individual through DMIT

Identifying inborn strengths of an individual through DMIT

The inborn potentials, intelligence and strengths of individuals to     reach the highest possibilities of achievement and self realisation in life  can be identified through Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT).

Meera P Abhimanyu, CEO, Elixir 5Q Solutions, said the primary tool analysis is a combination of new computer technology and science. This tool is administered by scanning and comparing the fingerprint patterns to find out the inborn advantages of each person with no bias.

The epidermal lines-pattern skin strokes on the fingerprints have a correlation with the growth hormone system in brain cells.

These connections instigate the behaviour resulting into intelligence of the person and determine the right intelligence of the person through  the analysis of fingerprints, she said.

The fingerprints thus determine the neuron connections of the brain to estimate the right talent and skill of the child or an adult. DMIT has been accepted as a diagnostic tool in these 20 years and it has been extended into public research field as a dominant science.

Benefits of doing DMIT includes minimising time and financial commitments on unnecessary courses, boost self confidence, strengthen bonds among family members, provide yourself with a happy and stress free life, rekindle your passion for living and revive dreams from the past, invest wisely in suitable self-development programmes, assess IQ, EQ, AQ, CQ and SQ, plan ahead to achieve goals and discover own abilities.

Elixer is a franchisee of GODDS in India with the Singapore-based ADRC recognition. GODDS CEO Gilroy D’Costa said the multiple intelligence tool developed by mapping Dr Howard Gardner’s MI, lives of people can be transformed towards living a much happier and successful life.

The main objectives of the awareness on DMIT is to solve the psycho social problems among children, to solve adjustmental problems, strengthening and building harmonious social relationships, increase educational performances in children by identifying their inborn intelligence potentials.

SOURCE : New Indian Express