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Your career lies in the fingerprints

Your career lies in the fingerprints

Fingerprints can tell you whether to be a musician or a banker or a sportsperson. A ‘Potential Assessment Test’ will assist you in making the right choice of subjects to pursue in higher education. School students have just been through their exams. However, they are struggling for the correct choice of subjects and streams. To deal with this, a large number of parents are approaching counsellors to get help in a unique method, called the ‘Potential Assessment Test’ (PAT).

“Every day, four to five parents are approaching us for the test these days, since exams are over now. A majority of students are always confused with their career choices and subjects to pursue in higher education. We help them identify their potential in a particular field,” informed a counsellor, dealing in the test. “This is called ‘Potential Assessment Test’. First, we perform a test called ‘Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test’ (DMIT), wherein with the help of fingerprints, we identify the potential of a person in different fields. I would clarify that this is absolutely scientific,” affirmed Shivani Singh, another counsellor.

Vandna Jain, a parent from New Kitchlu Nagar, shares: “I took my daughter Visheshka, who is in class 7, for the ‘Potential Assessment Test’. And I was surprised with the result. Not only was her potential highlighted, but we were even given a remedy for improving her weaker points. Insisting upon children to cram their subjects is not a solution, but making them learn things according to their interest is what I have learnt.” Students are also counselled after identifying their weak points, and then remedies are suggested for that, which could be anything – exercise, motivational talk, and other means.

Another parent says: “My daughter was very confused whether she should continue with her passion in music, or go for an MBA. After this test, we could actually identify her potential in both the fields, and finally she is into music now.” Another parent, Anu Jain from Rishi Nagar, says: “My daughter Arushi was confused whether she should go for fashion designing or the banking sector. I got to know about this test through a family friend, and we could actually find out her potential.”


The DMIT report tells parents whether their child learns better by ‘seeing, hearing, or doing’ (visual, auditory or kinesthetic learner), whether he has high or low inborn learning capacity (long or short-term memory), how long it takes for his mind to process information, and so on. Afterwards, the stronger points are used to make a child perform well.